Students can develop their creative talents in school programs, community events, and local and national competitions.

      Elementary Choir  School Concerts and Plays 
  Handbell Choir IACS Academic Competition 
  Beginner Band  AACS National Competition 
  High School Choir  National Day of Prayer 
  Advanced Band Services in Local Churches
  Traveling Ensemble WCBK Christmas Program
    at The Waters
  Drama & Readers' Theatre          
  Private Lessons  


Students can also develop their athletic skills competing in the CICC conference and the IACS championships.

      Girls' Volleyball - 2009 IACS State Champs 
  Boys' Soccer - 2013 CICC Champs 
  Girls' Basketball - 2011 CICC Champs
  Boys' Basketball - 2011 IACS State Champs 


The school year includes several opportunities for the children to bond as a student body, as well as connect with the important people in their lives.

       Holiday Celebrations  Veterans Day Celebration 
  Field Trips  100th Day Celebration 
  Grandparents' Day  Spirit Week 
  Breakfast of Champions       Jog-a-thon 


Students have opportunities to be actively involved in the community through local food drives, essay contests, and performances at community events. Some highlights of the year include a performance for the residents at The Waters, the National Day of Prayer, and the Indiana State Museum.